It’s George Springer’s World and We’re Just Doing a Little Radio Show In It

Frank and Danny were the only people who could be bothered to show up this week because we’re professionals…who had nothing better to do…

Kevin Naderi fresh off his appearance on Guy’s Grocery Games joins Frank and Danny to talk about all things Lillo & Ella including the new bathrooms!  It’s in the old El Gran Malo spot and NEW BATHROOMS!

Chris Frankel joins us to talk about his favorite food streets in Houston and his time running the @BeingHouston account.

Erin Martin from Laird Family Estate dropping Napa knowledge like George Springer drops home runs (if that makes sense).

And if you missed last week…

What started as one segment with Roy Shvartzapel ended up as two.  First segment was a rundown of his extensive and impressive resume.  Segment two we got to the point of his time at UH playing basketball under Clyde Drexler and at some point I think we actually got around to talking about the food at Common Bond.

Culturemap’s Eric Sandler joins us to talk about some recent and upcoming happenings.  We also get into Jon Favreau’s latest, Chef.

–I’m not sure what took Tabasco so long to come out with its own sriracha.

–Oh dear God.

Love this map of U.S. Breweries though it’ll probably need to be updated once every 4 hours.  How many breweries can fit inside Colorado?!

–If watching a woman or anyone eat two 72 oz. steaks in 15 minutes turns you on, well, you need to seek help.

–Sad to hear The State Bar & Lounge is closing.

Everything you needed to know about the business side of that Lodge cast iron you have in your kitchen.  I’ll never forget the horror of coming home after work one day and seeing my beloved cast iron soaking with dirty dishes in the sink.  Neither will my ex-girlfriend. with a long look at why airplane food generally sucks.

–Took long enough for someone, in this case Wally Waffle, in Ohio to do this…

–Yeah, NBC, I’m gonna need you to put out a DVD made up of Hannibal cooking scenes.  Love Janice Poon’s blog that contains all the food stylings on the show like the ortolans served a couple weeks ago.

A brave soul ate all the specialty food items at a Texas Rangers game and lived to tell the tale.  I fully expect that within a year it will be be, “Buy me some peanuts and bacon on a stick.  I don’t care if I get really sick.”

As for the food at Astros games, no more Killen’s.  :(

–Great stuff with Burger Chef on Mad Men.  Scary stuff from McDonald’s and their new mascot Happy!

Lots of information about the spot Mad Men used to film last week’s Burger Chef scenes.


Southbound Food is back on Saturdays at 5 on 740AM and now we’re gluten-free!!

Newly minted James Beard Award winner, Chris Shepherd, joined us to talk about the big night and Lance asked him if he realized life was never going to get any better and it’s all downhill from here so smoke ‘em if you got ‘em or some such.

Jake Schiffer and Tanna Frnka from Leprechaun Cider schooled us on all things cider and why it’s the best Texas cider not made in Texas.  I honestly didn’t expect to like the ciders all that much, but I stand corrected especially since summer is coming.  Good information on their website.

Dutch Small and Ja’Nel Witt, winner of Hell’s Kitchen, give us the rundown for this year’s FPSF Preview Breakfast.  Eating Our Words with an overview.

–“Why are food shows so bad these days?”  Indeed.  PBS excluded.

–Everything you wanted to know about Red Velvet Cake from the NY Times.  “There is a limit to the red-velvetization potentials in different categories.”  Yeah, I’m thinking once you get to Red Velvet body mist you’re likely not to travel down that road much further.

–This Uchi Community Table sounds fantastic.

–Took me far too long to hit up Andes Café.  Those tequenos/cheesy breadsticks are addictive.
andes andes2

America is #1 in wine consumption.  Eat it France.  U-S-A!  U-S-A!

–The only thing crazier than finding a condom in your calamari would be if the restaurant owner promised to eat said condom if you didn’t report it, but that would never happ…WHAT?!

–Doomsday article of the week.  “Has the End of the Banana Arrived?”  Damn you Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubensis Tropical Race 4!!  Damn you to hell!!

–You know Burger King in Malaysia don’t play when it comes to its Godzilla tie-in burger.  Now what a burger topped with nachos and barbecue sauce has to do with Godzilla, I don’t know.



A Little of This. A Little of That. Mostly That.

Susie Jimenez joins Frank and Danny to talk about some of the changes at Trenza and her review from Alison Cook.


El Patio and Club No Minor is celebrating its 50th anniversary and owner Jon Deal joined us as we discussed the chemical processes that occur once a girl drinks a blue margarita and inevitably ends up dancing on top of the table.


Executive Chef Ross Warhol and Beverage Director Peter Clifton from Pelican Club.
Gotta make the trip down to Galveston for this place.


Richard Colt from Java Pura joined Lance and Danny to talk all things coffee including an interesting collaboration with St. Arnold.


–Longtime friend Jody Stevens aka Jodycakes suffered a terrible house fire this week. Eating Our Words with a rundown of everyone who is pitching in to help her recover and information on how you can help yourself.

–Finally, this brilliant idea from Stan’s Donuts in Chicago to print this Mitch Hedberg bit on its receipts.

Super Happy Food Truck Joy Explosion Time

Houston has food trucks.  These are some of their stories…

This guy named Bryan Caswell started a radio show called Southbound Food several years ago.  He decided to make his first appearance of 2014 this week.  It appears he hasn’t made an appearance at a barber shop since 2011.

Ray Rodriguez from Foreign Policy brought that donut bacon cheeseburger and his optimistic happy attitude almost rubbed off on me.  Almost.
forein policy

Food truck sherpa Paul Galvani author of Houston’s Top 100 Food Trucks brought us a couple books which were fought over in violent fashion.

Next up was Don Schoenberg from Gastro Punk.  Suicide Burger is the best burger name I’ve heard in a while.  Grilled Blue Cheese for the cheese win.

Michaela Betton from the aptly named Betton’s Comfort Food on the show.  Play “guess the accent” along with us.  Here’s hoping she continues to do more food from her original home.

The crunching sound you may periodically hear in the background is from Lance chomping on the chicken wings from Sticky’s Chicken.  Benson shares his story of postal worker to food truck operator.

It took a while, but food truck parks have finally been popping up around town.  Ren Garrett and her brother Craig Garrett have given us Midtown Mobile Cuisine.

–The KFC Double Down is back because as you know we conquered that little obesity problem we had.  These chicken corsages are pretty sweet though.

–If you’re not watching, and you should be, Hannibal is fantastic.  The best visual storytelling on television right now bar none.  Yeah, he cooks a lot of humans, but he does it so damn elegantly.  A look at Hannibal in the kitchen.

Neil’s Bahr8th Wonder and a Dynamo game sounds like a good day.  Gonna be a lot of Dome Faux’m going down this summer.

–It ain’t Good Eats, but it is Alton Brown with a You Tube channel that looks like Good Eats.  Mustard caddy – so simple.  Why have I not done this?

–Because Colorado is cooler than your state it has marijuana vending machines.

Wired with a look at how Cadbury makes its terrible crème eggs that people shovel into their mouths this time of year.  Mmmmm, “proprietary goo.”

–Gotta love Houston Eater with a map of 10 places to eat rabbit in Houston.

This Week or Last Week or Whenever – Pico’s Mex Mex and Etoile!

Lance and Danny touch on a little of this and a little of that, mostly that.

Jenny, Lance, and Danny share happy hour and patio thoughts because ‘tis the season.  ‘Tis always the season for happy hour or social hour or forget about work hour or just don’t want to go home hour or flirt with your co-worker hour.

Chef Philippe Verpiand talks with the guys about all things EtoileIf you listen really closely I think you’ll be able to tell that Philippe is not a native Texan.  It’s hard to pick up at first.

From Pico’s Mex Mex Arnaldo Richards stops by to tell us about the move to Kirby and something I had never heard of – tequila lockers.

–If you haven’t checked out twitter’s first tweet tool you should.  My first tweet was regarding breast milk cheese, which sounds about right.  First We Feast went back to look at some of first tweets of the food world from Guy Fieri “finally postin on the big T” to Paula Deen tweeting about the opening of her newest buffet, because duh.

–18-inch corndog stuffed with cheese and bacon?!  Must be getting close to baseball season.  This monstrosity is the D-bat dog from the Diamondbacks.  Because that wouldn’t be quite enough on its own this bad boy comes with fries.

–Pretty funny list Hugh Acheson tweeted out the other night of 10 Things to Tell Young Chefs.

When he’s not playing lockdown defense (so like a lot of the time) James Harden listens to Southbound Food so why don’t you?*

*James Harden may or may not listen to Southbound Food.  I mean he does have headphones on a lot when he walks into arenas so, you know, there’s a chance…

Heights-centric show this week:  

Lance, Frank and the devastatingly handsome Danny kick things off with Morgan Weber, Ryan Pera, and Jeb Stuart to talk all things Coltivare.  Another segment with the guys to hit on the beverage program and more pizza talk because you can never have enough pizza talk.  Really excited to hit this place this weekend.  Hopefully it’ll be their first patio weekend.

Alli Jarrett and Antoine Ware brought some fantastic shrimp creole tamales and we hit on all the aspects of Heights General Store including its legendary location and what parts of the South the menu recognizes.

John Healy visits from Hoopes, Hoopla, and Liparita in Napa, so yeah, wine talk ensues.

Last week’s show:  

Executive Chef Bob Iacovone joined the Lance and the devastatingly handsome Danny (who keeps doing that?) to talk about the long winding road of Fish & Knife’s construction and recent opening.
Taylor Byrne-Dodge and Sam Ray didn’t bring wine :(
but did bring lots of information on the Champion Wine Garden at the Rodeo.

Cool list in Texas Monthly that J.C. Reid put together with Chris Shepherd.  Twenty dishes that represent Houston.  Best part?  It’s not a slideshow.  Houston Press would have had this thing on 87 different pages.

–I guess I found a reason to find Esquire Network on my cable.  Chris Shepherd is going to do battle on Ilan Hall’s Knife Fight show.  Greg Morago with the details on his Shepherd’s collaboration series at Underbelly which looks phenomenal.

Basically just get everything at Killen’s BBQ.

–The world of flavored vodkas is not a world I can pretend to understand.  Absolut Texas?!



“Hey Danny, do you want go to this seminar?”
“Nah, I’m goo…”
“It’s in Houston Center.”
“DOOZO!!! I mean, yeah, sure I’ll go if it means that much to the firm”
Damn I miss downtown lunch walks to Doozo for vegetable dumplings and hot ‘n’ sour soup.

–Yeah, I’m going to need this espresso from LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy.

Naming your food truck Cock Asian is frowned upon?

–I’ve tried to watch Cutthroat Kitchen a couple of times, but it’s just not for me.  It is for this Triniti sous chef so I guess I’ll at least DVR on March 16th.

–“Recovery ale”?  Call a post-workout beer whatever you want, just tell me it’s good for me.

–“Artisanal salami using celebrity DNA samples”?!  Look I’d like to get closer to Jennifer Lawrence too, but I’m not sure this is the right way to go about it.


Two Segments Each with The Corduas and Houston Press’s Kaitlin Steinberg

Kaitlin joins Lance, Frank and Danny in the opening segment to talk a little about her background before I asked her how much weight she gained in the first few months on the job here.  Thankfully she did not punch me.

You wanted sex in restaurant bathrooms talk and we obliged.  There’s other stuff we talked about to like the magic of turning a Top 10 list into 15 page clicks.  I kid.  I kid.

Michael and David Cordua hit on the new Churrascos Memorial City location and the new menu that rolled out at all the Churrascos.

This time around the dulcet tones of Michael Cordua tell us about their new cookbook Corduas: Foods of the Americas.

New…ish Southbound Food Sunday at 11AM on 740AM

Is this the worst segment of Southbound Food ever?  Were Frank and Danny going for that?  Was Dr. Pepper a fizzicist?

Frank and Danny talk with the guys from Max’s Wine Dive as the new Montrose location opens up at Fairview and Taft.  

Next up is Jared Estes from the newly opened Cook and Collins.  Gotta get me some of that pink lemonade ice box pie.  Love the chow chow in the black eyed pea hummus.

The DangeRuss Dog from the Seahawks.  Gotta love the team colored tortilla strips.

–Jelly Belly with draft beer and chocolate covered tabasco flavors?!

Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos?!  Stay crazy, Japan.

–Danny went to Uchi.  He took pictures.  These are them.
Smithsonian with the investigative report you didn’t know you needed on Pow! – the forgotten Rice Krispies mascot.

–This is how you advertise…

Make Southbound Your Pregame for NFL Conference Championship Sunday Because, Well, Just Because!

******EVERY SUNDAY AT 11AM ON 740AM*****

Drew Rogers from Drew’s Pastry Place joined Danny and Jenny to talk about his upcoming appearance on Bakery Boss and his hate-hate-like relationship with cupcakes.

Former Samba Grille and Alma chef David Guerrero talked with us about his latest venture, Andes Café.  Looking forward to checking it out because I miss those damn ceviches that he rolled out at Samba.

–The answer is no.  The question is “Do we really need another Top Chef spinoff?”  Top Chef Extreme.  Oh joy.  I’ve really found it hard to watch the last couple of seasons. 

–An Honest Beer Commercial indeed.

Gratifi on Restaurant Impossible?  Never liked the name change from Ziggy’s.

Culture Map’s Eric Sandler with a story on the newest coffee shop that takes a page out of Gale “Major Tom” Boetticher’s book on how to make coffee Breaking Bad style.  Interesting.  Siphon Coffee will open up in the Montrose area around the first of March.

–Uh, no Dresstiez.

–Of course Seattle is offering a Beast Burger complete with a side of Skittles in honor of Marshawn Lynch.

File under “neighborly”
–Sleep well tonight America, the Swiss Cheese Pervert has been apprehended!


We Decided Not To Blog Until The Texans Won Again, But…

We start the new year off right this Sunday morning at 11AM on 740A to the motherf’n M with the chefs from Caracol and 60 Degrees Mastercrafted.

Fritz Gitschner from 60 Degrees Mastercrafted joins us to talk about the recent opening of his restaurant and, of course, the infamous $200 bistro burger.

Hugo was kind enough to treat us to turtle soup and Caracol’s El Coco dessert.  A couple of segments with Hugo to talk all things Caracol, Hugo’s, and Backstreet.SBF 2

–The Oh You So Crazy Japan story of the week comes to us from, well, Japan.  Cheese from a squeezable packet for McDonald’s cheese fries?  Yeah, um, you can keep that one Japan.

–There are tough decisions in life and then there’s which Kentucky bourbon to select as my Justified companion and which scotch as my Archer companion.

–Honestly a Burrito ATM took far too long. Gotta love the option to watch a movie trailer while you wait the minute for the burrito.

–It’s just a matter of time before this weed food pairing menu in Colorado becomes a reality.  For my wallet’s sake the last place I’d want to get high in is a sushi restaurant.

Receipt of the Week.  That’s a lot of mayo.

–One Minute In Mexico from Perennial Plate.  Want.

One Minute in Mexico from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

I heart Hughie’s.

–Two words that nobody wants to hear during football season. Velveeta shortage.

–Oh, so tipping in the form of crystal meth is frowned upon?

–This has nothing to do with food and everything to do with an awesome cover of Dance Yrself Clean from MS MR.