Is This The Week SBF Returns To The Air?! No, Really Do You Know?

Hi, welcome to Southbound Food the weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, occasional food show that airs on 740AM Saturdays at 5. We haven’t done enough on this here little ol’ site, but maybe that’ll change. I mean it could change. In theory. Okay, maybe this post will be up here at the top if you come back in May. That’s not the point. The point is, look words!

Terrific read in the Chicago Tribune on Chicago chef Curtis Duffy. Really worth the time.

–I have a rule about eating things with umlauts in their title. The last ingredient in this umlaut delight reinforces that rule.

Top Chef is down to its final two or three or four candidates. I’m honestly not sure how many people are left for this week’s two-part finale between Last Chance, Save a Chef and whatever else they’re bound to make up. I’m happy Brooke made it to the end because she was easily the class of this season. Sheldon seems like a nice guy, but I can’t see him winning. Then again the fact that Josh’s breakfast and bacon got him to the final three, well…Hopefully the other most impressive chef gets in via Last Chance Kitchen, Kristen. Inexplicably she went home during Restaurant Wars instead of the overmatched every step of the way Josie. This season was fairly forgettable despite trying to liven things up by bringing back CJ, Josie, and Stefan. It also hurt that the most interesting cheftestant, John Tesar, was out relatively quickly. Not only did he obviously have the chops he injected some personality into the show. The best seasons have a handful of chefs that have the look of a winner and repeatedly wow. Not including the All-Stars season I’d say the show has been lacking since Season 6 with the Voltaggios and Kevin Gillespie. Next up will be Season 11.

–If you don’t watch Archer then I’m not sure where you went wrong in life, but you obviously did. The aforementioned former Top Chef finalist Kevin Gillespie voiced a trucker who doubled as the leader of an S&M gang. Good stuff. And then Bourdain found out that there was a show that existed that he hasn’t been on so Bourdain will be on later this year.

Bob’s Burgers Burgers of the Week:
Don’t You Four Cheddar ‘Bout Me
(comes with four kinds of cheddar)
Only the Provolonely Burger
(comes with provolone)

–I like the One Year In posts Eater Houston does. This time around Hay Merchant gets the treatment. Good stuff with Kevin Floyd on the beer side and Antoine Ware on the food side.  I’m not sure which thing I like more about Hay Merchant. The daily $3 3-6:30 happy hour or the fact the first movie they showed on their movie Sunday was Starship Troopers.

–On the show this week, or whatever week A&M basketball doesn’t kick us off, will be Alex Brennan-Martin to talk about his new pizza partnership he’s bringing from Louisiana, John Tesar to talk about Top Chef, the team from Brooklyn Athletic Club, Brandon Young from Moon Tower and Dominic Laurenzo to talk about his newest El Tiempo on Navigation. Now you might say how can you fit all of that into one hour including Bryan’s obligatory story about how Johnny Football saved a puppy from drowning? To that we say, we dunno.

–Frank is going to offer up some choice wine selections here on a weekly basis. Now if you’ll excuse I need to go ask Frank if he’ll offer up some choice wine selections here on a weekly basis.

Questions, comments or if you’ve seen anything dumber lately than “Big Pizza Sliders“…