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–Interesting and unfulfilling twist to the Top Chef finale with a faux Iron Chef between Kristen and Brooke.  I thought the presentation of everything was very clumsy as it related to the viewer.  We just kind of got dropped into the event without much preparation or explanation.  I like the planning with the sous chefs much less the actual selection so to be cheated on all that was weak.  I also didn’t like the fact that I knew the outcome beforehand because there was five minutes left in the show and they had no time for a dessert round so it wasn’t exactly hard to figure out Kristen was going to take it home.  I would’ve included the dessert round and done it up with points to have some suspense, but maybe they thought that would be too Iron Chef-y.  I don’t know.  I do know Kristen and Brooke are both pretty bad ass.  I also know Last Chance Kitchen is still b.s., but Kristen shouldn’t have been eliminated in the first place.   The Daily Show with a lot on something called a sequester, but a little (the 1:30 mark) on Top Chef, Last Chance Kitchen, and the one and only Josie.

–Anthony Bourdain on Archer was as good as you’d expect as a character named “Bastard Chef” to be.
ABBAB: “Always be berating and belittling” – TV chef words to live by
I love how Ron always takes crackers and jellies with him out to restaurants in case the food takes a little while.  Awesome.

Why wouldn’t you want to read anything about Aubrey Plaza much less her eating habits? From Bon Appetit.


Finding out Mark Wahlberg and Diddy are coming out with their own water has completely ruined other waters for me.

–Bryan Caswell is in, um, well somewhere where Red Boat fish sauce flows freely and there are many unusual varieties of seafood.  @Wholefish’s timeline has been great.

Now remind me to ask him if the Edward Lee he’s with on this trip is the same Edward Lee I saw on trademark records for “Gangnam Style Hot Wings”

–How did I go this long without seeing this ad?

–If you haven’t been to the rodeo yet and you don’t get nauseous easily then the has a look at some of the rodeo foods like deep fried Fruity Pebbles. Houston Press with more rodeo offerings to the gods of deep fried stuffs and bacon, lots of bacon.

–On the show this week we have Shepard Ross and Jeff Axline from Brooklyn Athletic Club, Brandon Young from Moontower and the guys heading up Houston’s BBQ Festival.  You might as well listen because we’ll probably be off the air the next month.

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