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Bryan (with a Y) Caswell likes the Astros which makes him not only a unique chef, but a unique human being.  Despite evidence to the contrary Bryan tells Houstonians that the Astros do, DO, in fact still sell tickets at Minute Maid Park to watch other teams play baseball while the Astros try to imitate them.  If you say so Bryan.  He also says that you can buy his food there, but no one has been to a game to verify.  If you’ve heard of Reef, El Real, or Little Big’s you’ve heard of Bryan.  If you haven’t then maybe you watched him on Next Iron Chef create what Food & Wine dubbed The Dish of 2010 -  Charred Corn and Cilantro Snow Cone.
Team Russet Potato Fries.

Lance Zierlein is a father of five so as you can understand he spends much of his time fortified in the bathroom watching Netflix documentaries.  When he’s not doing that he’s bee-lining it to the kitchen for uninterrupted sessions of cooking whatever recipes he gleaned from Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen.  How does he manage communicating with so many juveniles on a daily basis?  Through years of intense training by taking calls to his sports talk shows.
Team Sweet Potato Fries.

Frank Bullington is probably drunk on wine right now, but if it’s your job it’s not alcoholism.  At least that’s what it says on Frank’s business card.  In the time you spent reading this he somehow slipped said business card into your pocket.  If you want to put a voice to the name listen to any interview and Frank will be the one who just asked the chef, “What’s the strangest ingredient you’ve ever worked with?”  In the Southbound Food drinking game that’s a shot and two drinks of Chateau Montelana.

Danny Vara is, wait who the fu** is Danny Vara and how did he manage to get himself on a food show?!  Two words:  Casting couch.  Just don’t say the two words near Danny Vara because he’s been through enough already.  Danny is an inspiration to all the guys and gals in the world who want to grow up and be part of a food show yet can’t cook rice to save their life.  Someday Danny, someday…

Jenny Wang is the Senior AND Junior Executive Producer of Southbound Food.  Rumor is she is also never full.  What she is though is a terrific producer, fantastic friend, thoughtful daughter (unverified), loving mother (unverified), kind caregiver (unverified), hospital volunteer (unverified), philanthropist (unverified), fair employer (VERIFIED), sweetheart of a girl…but if you stand between her and a mound of crawfish then you just made your last mistake friend.