Two Segments Each with The Corduas and Houston Press’s Kaitlin Steinberg

Kaitlin joins Lance, Frank and Danny in the opening segment to talk a little about her background before I asked her how much weight she gained in the first few months on the job here.  Thankfully she did not punch me.

You wanted sex in restaurant bathrooms talk and we obliged.  There’s other stuff we talked about to like the magic of turning a Top 10 list into 15 page clicks.  I kid.  I kid.

Michael and David Cordua hit on the new Churrascos Memorial City location and the new menu that rolled out at all the Churrascos.

This time around the dulcet tones of Michael Cordua tell us about their new cookbook Corduas: Foods of the Americas.

New…ish Southbound Food Sunday at 11AM on 740AM

Is this the worst segment of Southbound Food ever?  Were Frank and Danny going for that?  Was Dr. Pepper a fizzicist?

Frank and Danny talk with the guys from Max’s Wine Dive as the new Montrose location opens up at Fairview and Taft.  

Next up is Jared Estes from the newly opened Cook and Collins.  Gotta get me some of that pink lemonade ice box pie.  Love the chow chow in the black eyed pea hummus.

The DangeRuss Dog from the Seahawks.  Gotta love the team colored tortilla strips.

–Jelly Belly with draft beer and chocolate covered tabasco flavors?!

Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos?!  Stay crazy, Japan.

–Danny went to Uchi.  He took pictures.  These are them.
Smithsonian with the investigative report you didn’t know you needed on Pow! – the forgotten Rice Krispies mascot.

–This is how you advertise…

Make Southbound Your Pregame for NFL Conference Championship Sunday Because, Well, Just Because!

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Drew Rogers from Drew’s Pastry Place joined Danny and Jenny to talk about his upcoming appearance on Bakery Boss and his hate-hate-like relationship with cupcakes.

Former Samba Grille and Alma chef David Guerrero talked with us about his latest venture, Andes Café.  Looking forward to checking it out because I miss those damn ceviches that he rolled out at Samba.

–The answer is no.  The question is “Do we really need another Top Chef spinoff?”  Top Chef Extreme.  Oh joy.  I’ve really found it hard to watch the last couple of seasons. 

–An Honest Beer Commercial indeed.

Gratifi on Restaurant Impossible?  Never liked the name change from Ziggy’s.

Culture Map’s Eric Sandler with a story on the newest coffee shop that takes a page out of Gale “Major Tom” Boetticher’s book on how to make coffee Breaking Bad style.  Interesting.  Siphon Coffee will open up in the Montrose area around the first of March.

–Uh, no Dresstiez.

–Of course Seattle is offering a Beast Burger complete with a side of Skittles in honor of Marshawn Lynch.

File under “neighborly”
–Sleep well tonight America, the Swiss Cheese Pervert has been apprehended!


We Decided Not To Blog Until The Texans Won Again, But…

We start the new year off right this Sunday morning at 11AM on 740A to the motherf’n M with the chefs from Caracol and 60 Degrees Mastercrafted.

Fritz Gitschner from 60 Degrees Mastercrafted joins us to talk about the recent opening of his restaurant and, of course, the infamous $200 bistro burger.

Hugo was kind enough to treat us to turtle soup and Caracol’s El Coco dessert.  A couple of segments with Hugo to talk all things Caracol, Hugo’s, and Backstreet.SBF 2

–The Oh You So Crazy Japan story of the week comes to us from, well, Japan.  Cheese from a squeezable packet for McDonald’s cheese fries?  Yeah, um, you can keep that one Japan.

–There are tough decisions in life and then there’s which Kentucky bourbon to select as my Justified companion and which scotch as my Archer companion.

–Honestly a Burrito ATM took far too long. Gotta love the option to watch a movie trailer while you wait the minute for the burrito.

–It’s just a matter of time before this weed food pairing menu in Colorado becomes a reality.  For my wallet’s sake the last place I’d want to get high in is a sushi restaurant.

Receipt of the Week.  That’s a lot of mayo.

–One Minute In Mexico from Perennial Plate.  Want.

One Minute in Mexico from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

I heart Hughie’s.

–Two words that nobody wants to hear during football season. Velveeta shortage.

–Oh, so tipping in the form of crystal meth is frowned upon?

–This has nothing to do with food and everything to do with an awesome cover of Dance Yrself Clean from MS MR.

Southbound as Pregame at 11AM Sundays >>> 610 Pregame

Lance, Frank, and Danny open up the show with a little review of the fried foods at the State Fair and a quick look at Alison Cook’s Top 100.  We will have Alison back on the September 29th show.

Next up we talk to Staci Davis from Radical Eats which recently moved to Roots Bistro’s old space on Westheimer.  Warning: segment may not be suitable for children what with all the bee molestation talk.

Jenny joins us with her thoughts on Radical Eats’ brunch and other brunchy talk.

Jody Stevens brought cupcakes so she gets to talk about whatever she wants.  In this case it’s a great upcoming event she’s spearheading in Houston to raise awareness and money for The Montrose Center.  It’s happening on Sunday September 22nd.  Details here.  Texas Monthly with a write-up of this as well.

Scientific American gets all Scientific American on bourbon and whiskey.  Can you imagine the whiskey that Walter White could produce?

–In case you haven’t seen this yet…

–Funny or Die’s entry…

Honest Scarecrow – watch more funny videos

–I’m fascinated by the Master Sommelier exam so I’ve been looking forward to Somm.  It did not disappoint.  I would have nightmares about a tasting test with Fred Dame.  I would hate Ian on a reality show, but I kind of liked him on this.  No matter what wine I next have I’m definitely using “freshly opened can of tennis balls” and “granny’s purse” as smell descriptors.

I, for one, salute this hot dog man at Detroit’s Comerica Park for getting ornery when customers would ask for ketchup instead of mustard.  Apparently there were some complaints and this American hero was fired.

–If you’re really bored you can do what this guy did and order every sandwich at McDonald’s and combine them all into a one gigantic waste of $140.


Mosquitoes are kinda dicks

I had some important things in my life that recently took precedent over updating the website, yes mostly, fantasy football drafts.  Nevertheless…

Lance, Bryan and Frank open up last week’s show with LZ talking about his trip to Portland.

Next up the conversation among the trio turns to the Bizarre Foods episode that highlighted Houston.  I believe Bryan was described as “a good ol’ boy who cooks with the soul of a poet” which is one of the nicer things ever said about him.

John Sheely from Mockingbird Bistro joins us to talk about his new one Osteria Mazzanti.

Sean Beck and company come in to hit on the upcoming Iron Somm competition.

Two weeks ago Bryan and Lance were out so that left Frank and me (Danny) with Downhouse/D&T/Sugar and Rice/Hunky Dory Chris Cusack and Sir Richard Knight.  Hilarity ensued.  Opening segment with them.  Next we got into more Hunky Dory specifics.  Jenny joined us all for the final segment to review her trip to Bordeaux.

Bryan Ogden joined us to talk about the new restaurants he’s bringing to town including Funky Chicken.

Gotta love this from Sports on Earth which picked a beer for every NFL team.  Texans = Saint Arnold’s Fancy Lawnmower.  Cowboys = Budweiser.  Sounds right to me.  Though you could have put the Texans on 7-11 brand beer if they had continued down that 28-7 road they started on Monday.  By the way, a Lawnmower was also the drink of choice of Don Swayze on The Bridge last week.

–It’s that time of year when Texas prepares for deep fried madness at the State Fair.  This year’s finalists have been selected.  Culture Map Dallas has the complete rundown.  I’ll pass on Awesome Deep Fried Nutella.  If you like complete meals deep friend then there are King Ranch Casserole and Thanksgiving Dinner options.  On the latter, “Mama’s homemade stuffing and diced roasted turkey are rolled in a ball.   Next it’s dipped in southern cream corn and rolled in seasoned corn meal – all fried to a crispy golden brown.”  I’m not sure how something as simple as Spinach Dip Bites made it to the finals.  Chicken Fried Meatloaf and Texas Fried Fireball round out the list.  The Fireball is basically deep fried pimento cheese which isn’t a bad thing, well maybe for your overall health but State Fair fat and calories don’t count, I’m pretty sure.

UPDATE: A deep fried Cuban roll won Best Taste while the deep fried Thanksgiving Dinner won Most Creative.

Deep-fried soup at KFC – Oh Japan, you so crazy.

Might have to shell out the $22 for this cookbook of Houston food truck recipes.

–Nothing need more be said.

–Slideshow warning: Daily Meal with a look at the 35 best tacos in America. El Real, Bob’s Taco Station, and Torchy’s all on the list.  Breakfast tacos not included or else I’d be exclaiming Villa Arcos got screwed out of a spot.

It’s a Cotton Candy Grape Kind of Weekend

The Downhouse, D&T Drive Inn, Sugar and Rice magazine crew joined us to go over all of that.  We’ll have to have Chris, Benjy, and Richard Knight on soon to talk about Hunky Dory because it sounds like it’s going to be fantastic.

The rest of the show Lance, Frank, and I talk a little about this, a little about that, and even this AND that.

–Well-deserved honor for Pass & Provisions being named as one of the 50 Best New Restaurants in Bon Appetit.  Number 6 to be exact.  Telling you that cereal – white gazpacho, yo.

Oral History of the Breakfast Taco sounds like required reading from Texas Monthly.

–Look, if we can’t call 911 for a missing McDouble in our fast food order then why the fu** even have 911?!

Bernie’s Burger Bus inside Reliant is pretty damn sweet.

This Midnight Sticky Rice pop up dinner at D&T Drive Inn next week should be good times.

–Yeah, I’m going to need this Sansaire Sous-Vide Circulator.

–I watched Food Network Star because I’ve got time like that.  I think Damaris was the best out of a bunch, but it’s not like it was some compelling bunch.

–I also checked out Cutthroat Kitchen.  Won’t make that mistake again.  Terrible.

–Until I hit Central Market this weekend I never knew there were cotton candy grapes in this world.  My world has now changed for the better.  The story behind them.  By the way, CM had them at $4 a pound.

–Pretty sure they can’t make a Cheetos flavor I won’t like.  Pepsi-flavored Cheetos?  Nevermind.

—-Uhhh, probably not a good sign for society when date rape-drug detecting cups are a thing.

Coolio is auctioning off the royalty rights to his song, what?, okay songs to further his cookbook series and online cooking show.  Bidding starts at $140,000.  Good luck with that Coolsy.

Southbound Food – 100% Riley Cooper Free

SBF 8-4-13 Segment 4

Lance, Frank, and I open the show with a discussion on Bradley Manning’s sentencing or a hodge podge of food-related topics. One of those.

Ronnie Killen may have logged more visits than anyone else. This time around we hit on @KillensBBQ including the brisket thief who tended the fire.

Don’t think there’s any place around Houston that has the look of Mr. Peeples. Check out the photos from Eater here of the pool table, Houston skyline in chandeliers, and the masks at the hostess stand which kind of creep me out. Tim and Rachel Kohler and chef de cuisine Rick Guerrero join us to talk design and food.

David Keck from Camerata gives us all the details on the recently opened wine bar that is adjacent to Paulie’s. Rosés get me through the Houston heat.

–The Cereal – White Gazpacho at The Pass. You need it.

Top Chef’s Jen Carroll and Concrete Blonde’s lead singer got beef? Yeah, one of these people is kinda crazy.

–Writing of Top Chef, Thrillist has the most complete Where Are They Now? Top Chef edition you’ll ever see.

–Not food-related, but HENRY WINKLER TO PARKS AND RECREATION!!! Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe out at midseason. Win some. Lose some.

–Why wouldn’t you want to look at an Alcatraz menu from 1946? Food-wise they had it pretty damn good. And here I always thought “dinner” and “supper” was the same thing.

–I’m surprised it took this long for a Deep Fried Masters show on Food Network. If you’re familiar with the Big Tex competition at the State Fair of Texas then you might recognize a couple of the names competing.

Robb Walsh quoting Nicki Minaj in a restaurant review? Robb Walsh quoting Nicki Minaj in a restaurant review.

Looking forward to El Big Bad with Randy Rucker at the helm.

–Gots to have big ones to tell a health inspector that mouse droppings on a cake are “chocolate sprinkles.”

–I had no idea that there were places in Houston that offered shark fin soup. Disgusting.

–2 for 21 in baseball means you probably play for the Astros. 2 for 21 in restaurants saved through your Fox “reality” show means you’re Kitchen Nightmares.

Alison Cook with a review of the Eatsie Boys Café. That What the Falafel? is awesome and it’s just stupid I can’t wash it down with an 8th Wonder IntellectuAle there.

photo (2)

–Alas, the last of Flavor Flav’s Chicken and Ribs restaurants has shuttered. Sigh.

–This has nothing to do with food, but they are some pretty promising trailers for American Hustle and Lone Survivor.

Michael Cordua and Eatsie Boys/8th Wonder bring the noise, but more importantly the crab fingers and beer

Frank, Jenny and I kick off the show with a little talk about Eater’s Greasy Spoon list.  Dot Coffee Shop is my personal favorite.

Ryan Soroka joins Frank and I to talk about the new menu at Eatsie Boys Café. has the details.  I gotta get me some of that What the Falafel?

Ryan and Aaron Corsi give us all the details on 8th Wonder Brewery.  They were kind enough to bring some of their Dry Hopped Citra IntellectuAle and Coffee Mocha.  Did not think I would like the Coffee Mocha.  Glad I was wrong.  If you like a little or a lot of citrus in your beer then I highly recommend you go for the Yuzu IntellectuAle if you ever come across it.

Legend Michael Cordua visits us to discuss all things Cordua as the first restaurant of his empire, Churrasco’s, opened 25 years ago next month.  Really terrific story and interesting background on the man who brought Latin and South American flavors to Houston.  And holy crap, those crab fingers.

–Dennis Rodman didn’t already have his own vodka?!

–Glenn Howerton from Sunny.  Ben Schwarz from Parks and House of Lies.  Adrianne Palicki from Friday Night Lights. I’m in.

–I have no idea where Lewisville, Texas is, but it seems to me that it’s probably against some sort of law to have your waitresses wear body paint and pasties instead of like, you know, a top.  But then again I guess all bets are off at a place called Redneck Heaven and especially when it’s Anything But Clothes night.

Good science-y things about pies.  At least maybe good for you.  I suck at science and baking.

A True Blood cookbook = yawn.  A Treme cookbook will hold my interest longer than the show did.

–What the hell America?!  We let Mexico dethrone us as the most obese country?!

–If you have about a quarter of a million dollars and spare time over a six-month period then I hate you.  Also you can go on this tour of every single three star Michelin restaurant in the world.  There are 107.  Now you know.

How else would Paula Deen fans protest companies dropping her, but to send said companies empty butter wrappers saying they heart Paula?

–I feel stupid for many things.  This week I feel stupid for somehow not knowing Food Network’s Robert Irvine was married to wrestler Gail Kim.

–Okay San Francisco, now that you got your first Applebee’s you can finally consider yourself a culinary destination.

–Well of course I’m more interested in a UK version of The Taste than I was in the US version.  Doesn’t hurt that it has Nigella Lawson.

Huffington Post with six food shows they wish would come back.  Yan Can Cook.  Yes.  Good Eats.  Hell yes.  Molto Mario.  Hell fu** yes!


Beer, Steaks, and Ice Cream – Game, Set, Match

The show in a second, but this was just the best at this past Thursday’s NBA Draft.

Lance, Frank and I talk a little beer, a little Sparrow, and a little Chicago.

Loooooong time Palm Executive Director Jim Martin and Executive Chef Tony Tammero join us to talk all things Palm from the new look to the new menu to what’s up with the portraits.  Unfortunately we didn’t get our off-air discussion of what a “pescetarian” is as Tony looked at me like I was an alien.  Good stuff with the guys.  New look Palm opens July 8th.

Eric Warner and David Graham were cool enough to bring us some Hop Delusion as we discussed Karbach’s little beer empire.  Fun conversation with a great background on how their seasonal Love Street got its name.
love street

Sarah Johnston from Fat Cat Creamery was kind enough to bring me us some Cat’s Meow Mexican Vanilla among other goodies.  Sarah is getting ready to open up the brick and mortar at 1901 Shepherd.

–On the heels of Houstonia comes another Houston food magazine, Sugar and Rice.  Houston Chronicle with all the details.

–Sandy Witch is ready to be unveiled at Grand Prize and Eater Houston has a pic of the menu.  Chex mix.  ’Nuff said.

–Did something happen to Paula Deen?

–There are some things in life that are simply worth fighting for.  I can’t think of a more appropriate example than fighting over the correct way to make Kool-Aid.  Brandon Crossley is our 22-year-old Kool-Aid aficionado. His dad was apparently so bad at making Kool-Aid that Brandon had to slap him upside the head a couple of times.  For some reason the cops had a problem with that.

–Twinkies will return in mid-July.   Yawn.
Oh, my bad, did you yawn?  Sorry.  Oh man, did you yawn again?  I’ll stop now.

–If breweries released Game of Thrones beers like Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black Stout then you sure as hell better believe the last season of Breaking Bad is getting in on the action.  Heisenberg’s Dark is the offering of Marble Brewery which is, not surprisingly, located in Albuquerque.  Personally I’d like a Jesse’s IP-Yo.

–I find Pizza Hut pretty disgusting and I’m thinking a Pizza Hut firebaked style (uh huh) flatbread isn’t going to change that.

Oh, thank goodness.  Another Doritos Locos Taco or Tacos or Loco or some such is on the horizon.

–Honestly I’m not sure what took so long for a national fast food franchise to adopt pretzel buns as part of a burger.  Unless I’m forgetting one I think Wendy’s is the first.

–I like my women like I like my tequila.  Yep, aged in whiskey barrels.  Wait, I’m not sure I like that all.