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SBF 8-4-13 Segment 4

Lance, Frank, and I open the show with a discussion on Bradley Manning’s sentencing or a hodge podge of food-related topics. One of those.

Ronnie Killen may have logged more visits than anyone else. This time around we hit on @KillensBBQ including the brisket thief who tended the fire.

Don’t think there’s any place around Houston that has the look of Mr. Peeples. Check out the photos from Eater here of the pool table, Houston skyline in chandeliers, and the masks at the hostess stand which kind of creep me out. Tim and Rachel Kohler and chef de cuisine Rick Guerrero join us to talk design and food.

David Keck from Camerata gives us all the details on the recently opened wine bar that is adjacent to Paulie’s. Rosés get me through the Houston heat.

–The Cereal – White Gazpacho at The Pass. You need it.

Top Chef’s Jen Carroll and Concrete Blonde’s lead singer got beef? Yeah, one of these people is kinda crazy.

–Writing of Top Chef, Thrillist has the most complete Where Are They Now? Top Chef edition you’ll ever see.

–Not food-related, but HENRY WINKLER TO PARKS AND RECREATION!!! Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe out at midseason. Win some. Lose some.

–Why wouldn’t you want to look at an Alcatraz menu from 1946? Food-wise they had it pretty damn good. And here I always thought “dinner” and “supper” was the same thing.

–I’m surprised it took this long for a Deep Fried Masters show on Food Network. If you’re familiar with the Big Tex competition at the State Fair of Texas then you might recognize a couple of the names competing.

Robb Walsh quoting Nicki Minaj in a restaurant review? Robb Walsh quoting Nicki Minaj in a restaurant review.

Looking forward to El Big Bad with Randy Rucker at the helm.

–Gots to have big ones to tell a health inspector that mouse droppings on a cake are “chocolate sprinkles.”

–I had no idea that there were places in Houston that offered shark fin soup. Disgusting.

–2 for 21 in baseball means you probably play for the Astros. 2 for 21 in restaurants saved through your Fox “reality” show means you’re Kitchen Nightmares.

Alison Cook with a review of the Eatsie Boys Café. That What the Falafel? is awesome and it’s just stupid I can’t wash it down with an 8th Wonder IntellectuAle there.

photo (2)

–Alas, the last of Flavor Flav’s Chicken and Ribs restaurants has shuttered. Sigh.

–This has nothing to do with food, but they are some pretty promising trailers for American Hustle and Lone Survivor.

Michael Cordua and Eatsie Boys/8th Wonder bring the noise, but more importantly the crab fingers and beer

Frank, Jenny and I kick off the show with a little talk about Eater’s Greasy Spoon list.  Dot Coffee Shop is my personal favorite.

Ryan Soroka joins Frank and I to talk about the new menu at Eatsie Boys Café. has the details.  I gotta get me some of that What the Falafel?

Ryan and Aaron Corsi give us all the details on 8th Wonder Brewery.  They were kind enough to bring some of their Dry Hopped Citra IntellectuAle and Coffee Mocha.  Did not think I would like the Coffee Mocha.  Glad I was wrong.  If you like a little or a lot of citrus in your beer then I highly recommend you go for the Yuzu IntellectuAle if you ever come across it.

Legend Michael Cordua visits us to discuss all things Cordua as the first restaurant of his empire, Churrasco’s, opened 25 years ago next month.  Really terrific story and interesting background on the man who brought Latin and South American flavors to Houston.  And holy crap, those crab fingers.

–Dennis Rodman didn’t already have his own vodka?!

–Glenn Howerton from Sunny.  Ben Schwarz from Parks and House of Lies.  Adrianne Palicki from Friday Night Lights. I’m in.

–I have no idea where Lewisville, Texas is, but it seems to me that it’s probably against some sort of law to have your waitresses wear body paint and pasties instead of like, you know, a top.  But then again I guess all bets are off at a place called Redneck Heaven and especially when it’s Anything But Clothes night.

Good science-y things about pies.  At least maybe good for you.  I suck at science and baking.

A True Blood cookbook = yawn.  A Treme cookbook will hold my interest longer than the show did.

–What the hell America?!  We let Mexico dethrone us as the most obese country?!

–If you have about a quarter of a million dollars and spare time over a six-month period then I hate you.  Also you can go on this tour of every single three star Michelin restaurant in the world.  There are 107.  Now you know.

How else would Paula Deen fans protest companies dropping her, but to send said companies empty butter wrappers saying they heart Paula?

–I feel stupid for many things.  This week I feel stupid for somehow not knowing Food Network’s Robert Irvine was married to wrestler Gail Kim.

–Okay San Francisco, now that you got your first Applebee’s you can finally consider yourself a culinary destination.

–Well of course I’m more interested in a UK version of The Taste than I was in the US version.  Doesn’t hurt that it has Nigella Lawson.

Huffington Post with six food shows they wish would come back.  Yan Can Cook.  Yes.  Good Eats.  Hell yes.  Molto Mario.  Hell fu** yes!


Beer, Steaks, and Ice Cream – Game, Set, Match

The show in a second, but this was just the best at this past Thursday’s NBA Draft.

Lance, Frank and I talk a little beer, a little Sparrow, and a little Chicago.

Loooooong time Palm Executive Director Jim Martin and Executive Chef Tony Tammero join us to talk all things Palm from the new look to the new menu to what’s up with the portraits.  Unfortunately we didn’t get our off-air discussion of what a “pescetarian” is as Tony looked at me like I was an alien.  Good stuff with the guys.  New look Palm opens July 8th.

Eric Warner and David Graham were cool enough to bring us some Hop Delusion as we discussed Karbach’s little beer empire.  Fun conversation with a great background on how their seasonal Love Street got its name.
love street

Sarah Johnston from Fat Cat Creamery was kind enough to bring me us some Cat’s Meow Mexican Vanilla among other goodies.  Sarah is getting ready to open up the brick and mortar at 1901 Shepherd.

–On the heels of Houstonia comes another Houston food magazine, Sugar and Rice.  Houston Chronicle with all the details.

–Sandy Witch is ready to be unveiled at Grand Prize and Eater Houston has a pic of the menu.  Chex mix.  ’Nuff said.

–Did something happen to Paula Deen?

–There are some things in life that are simply worth fighting for.  I can’t think of a more appropriate example than fighting over the correct way to make Kool-Aid.  Brandon Crossley is our 22-year-old Kool-Aid aficionado. His dad was apparently so bad at making Kool-Aid that Brandon had to slap him upside the head a couple of times.  For some reason the cops had a problem with that.

–Twinkies will return in mid-July.   Yawn.
Oh, my bad, did you yawn?  Sorry.  Oh man, did you yawn again?  I’ll stop now.

–If breweries released Game of Thrones beers like Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black Stout then you sure as hell better believe the last season of Breaking Bad is getting in on the action.  Heisenberg’s Dark is the offering of Marble Brewery which is, not surprisingly, located in Albuquerque.  Personally I’d like a Jesse’s IP-Yo.

–I find Pizza Hut pretty disgusting and I’m thinking a Pizza Hut firebaked style (uh huh) flatbread isn’t going to change that.

Oh, thank goodness.  Another Doritos Locos Taco or Tacos or Loco or some such is on the horizon.

–Honestly I’m not sure what took so long for a national fast food franchise to adopt pretzel buns as part of a burger.  Unless I’m forgetting one I think Wendy’s is the first.

–I like my women like I like my tequila.  Yep, aged in whiskey barrels.  Wait, I’m not sure I like that all.

Our new airtime is Sunday at 11am on 740am as you try to erase pm’s drinks

SBF 6-22-13 Segment 4Bryan Caswell is back for the first time in a while and as you might expect he only wants to talk about the NBA and conspiracy theories. Eventually we get around to what he was doing.

Kathryn Scott from the Cooking Connection at HEB joins us to talk about Burger Bash.

Chris Leung from Cloud 10 Creamery brought us some of his Toasted Rice Ice Cream, Marshmallow and Nutella, and Coriander which gives off a Fruit Loops vibe.  We talk all things Cloud 10.

–Watermelon Oreos?!

–Sadly, the McDowell’s restaurant (really a Wendy’s) from Coming to America closed down to make way for some luxury apartments.  Not that there aren’t enough reminders of how old I am getting, but Coming to America was released 25 years ago this month.


–Wait, you mean requiring female customers to wear heels didn’t go over well?!  Shocking.

My Table takes a look at Crisp in Shady Acres.  I can vouch several times over for the 4 beer sample paddles for $6 during Friday happy hour.  I can also vouch for My Table’s recommendation to have some help by your side when you order food because they don’t mess around when it comes to heavy portions.

–I’m strictly a black man when it comes to my coffee (maybe I should reword that).  So this does nothing for me, but maybe you’re interested in Coffeemate now having Girl Scout Cookie flavors.

—-I wasn’t aware Bennigan’s had undergone a revival from the dead.  Green beer all year round now.  I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.

–”Cease and Desist Burger” is a much better name than “UB Double Double Burger.” Writing of Underbelly congratulations to Ryan Lachaine who was named a 2013 Eater Young Gun.

$65 for a 2.5 hour tour by bicycle of Brooklyn’s brunch scene?  Uh, no thanks.

–Yeah, I’m gonna need this Coolhaus ice cream sandwich that has snickerdoodle cookies and sea salted caramel ice cream. Apparently they have some Dexter sandwiches which I assume have really good first bites and then get exponentially worse because of romantic storylines.


Southbound Food Now On 740 am Sundays at 11…We Think

Bryan is/was in Chicago.  I was in a last minute meeting, which is always the best kind.  Nevertheless, Lance and Frank take you through a couple of segments of Southbound Foodness.

Kristen Powell from Simone on Sunset joins Lance and Frank.

Pi Pizza Truck opening up Sandy Witch Sandwich Company inside Grand Prize?  Nice.

–Well duh, Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joes.  This little lovely will be at the San Diego County Fair.

@Knife_and_Pen – “I’ve never tasted a Cronut, but I know that I hate them #fuckcronuts”

–Can we just stop with the term “food porn” already?

Top Chef Masters host Curtis Stone married Lindsay Price aka Janet from Beverly Hills 90210 who was married to Steve Sanders aka Ian Ziering who is now a Chippendale?
Oh, okay.  Carry on.

–I hit Vegas restaurants pretty hard when I make my one or two visits during football season so I like this Forbes article which highlights the new celebrity chef openings.  Put me down for Five50 Pizza Bar in Aria.  Although I doubt they’ll buy my argument that my first pizza should be free considering the amount of money I lost at video blackjack at that spot when it was a sports bar.

–First We Feast with The 10 Dishes That Made My Career: Edward Lee.

–This breakfast for dinner thing at Haven every Tuesday and Thursday in June is a fantastic idea.

–Dr. Vino with a look at The Top Twelve Wine Heists.

Supermarket Superstar lost me with the title, really lost me with it being on Lifetime, but is desperately trying to make me remember to find Lifetime on my channel guide with the inclusion of Stacy (only whores spell it with an “e”) Keibler as host.  Sounds like Shark Tank and if you don’t know what that is then good for you.  Michael Chiarello is a part of the judging panel if that does anything for you.

Cheesy Beef Poutine pizza.  What took so long Pizza Hut Canada?  Canada also home to the Wendy’s that served a nine patty T-Rex burger.  Yeah, corporate Wendy’s put an end to that behemoth.

New Southbound This Week, But What The Hell Red Wedding?!

In our opening segment Frank and I review some of the goings on at the previous weekend’s Free Press Summer Fest.
No Bushwick Bill :(
But Fluff Bake Bar Otter/Hooker Pops and air-conditioned tents :)

–El Presidente de James Coney Island and former UH football player under Lance’s dad, Darrin Straughn, joins us to discuss the chef-designed dogs that will roll out once a month until the end of the year.  We mentioned this before with its strong lineup of chefs involved.  Randy Evans is handling June.  July honors go to Hori-san from Kata who will be using a Hebrew National frank that will panko crusted and deep fried before getting the Kata condiment treatment.
hot dog
Randy’s dog with an all-beef dog from 44 Farms topped with Haven’s wild boar chili on a Slow Dough jalapeno cheese bun,

Kim Nguyen from the Cajun Kitchen on Wilcrest brought her special Thai basil crawfish for us to devour.  Good, good stuff and the biggest crawfish I’ve seen this year.  Made a helluva stock with the remains.

–As crawfish season starts winding Jenny Wang runs through her favorite places for, yep, crawfish.

–Austin must be thrilled that Teen Mom Farrah Abraham says she’s opening up a restaurant there.  Probably as thrilled as Austin is to have breast milk lollipops.

–I haven’t watched Top Chef Masters since Season Two.  Now we’re up to Season Five and you can see who is in it here.  Of note, the first Top Chef contestant to take part in Masters is Bryan Voltaggio who with his brother, Kevin Gillespie and others set the gold standard for Top Chef seasons.

–It’s been far too long since I’ve ripped open a bag of Andy Capp’s Hot Fries.  Apparently Ruffles is going to try its hand at these types of fries.

Paula Deen finishing butters because you need something after the Paula Deen before butters and Paula Deen during butters.

–Don’t forget that Monday June 10th Reef is hosting a book release party for Edward Lee’s Smoke and Pickles.  More details on Reef’s facebook.

–I think slowly and probably really slowly, but surely we’ll see more restaurants doing away with tipping and either building it into the menu price or automatically adding a service percentage.

Will Southbound Food be on 740 AM at 5pm Saturday or 11am Sunday? We’ll find out together!

Opening segment with a little Memorial Day rehash from Lance about the fortuitous timing of Pistolero’s bringing in their mushroom tacos before he entertained a family of vegans who sometimes eat shrimp which, of course, doesn’t make them vegans, but I digress.

–Dan Meaux of Crawfish Shack in Crosby talks all things crawfish and honestly we should have done two segments with him as once the mics went off he continued to drop crustacean knowledge.  They’ll be closing June 16th so make a mad dash before the season is over.

–Jenny Wang steps out from behind the producer’s glass or more specifically her voice does to tell her most recent crawfish tales and offer recommendations as they season winds down.

–Evan Turner will be hosting a series of pop-ups as he plans the opening of Helen: Greek Food & Wine.  He breaks down the first event which is Sunday June 9th at Nosh and it’s an all-you-can-eat crawfish boil, Greek-style which sounds f’n delicious.  All-you-can-eat and drink for just $30.

–In celebration of the return of Arrested Development.  The Smithsonian takes a look at the history of the frozen banana stand.

–While I take a look at …

Culturemap with a nice piece on the man, the myth, the Ronnie Killen.

–I don’t think the ratings are good and I’m surprised NBC lets it be as graphic as it is, but Hannibal is very good.  Jose Andres consults on the many food particulars.  Now Alamo Drafthouse is coming out with some Silence of the Lamb inspired wines.  The “Cannibal Chianti” is an okay name, but bravo with the “Suit Yourself Pinot Grigio.”  The accompanying menu has an item with Sriracha “lotion.”  Well played, Alamo.  Well played.

The next batch of “Where The Chefs Eat” tours.  Tickets go on sale Monday to go on the July 21st tour of Long Point with Bryan and Chris Shepherd.  Gotta like the breweries tour in October with Hay Merchant’s Kevin Floyd, Saint Arnold’s Brock Wagner and last but not least Rebecca Masson of Fluff Bake Bar.  I’m very much looking forward to Rebecca’s otter pops at FPSF this weekend.

Eater Houston interviewed Vic & Anthony’s Carlos Rodriguez about the new changes to the menu.  Sounds promising and not just because the crabcake wasn’t changed.  Father’s Day sounds like the perfect time to revisit the best crabcakes in Houston at V&A’s and Killen’s.  I like this quote regarding Pappas maybe opening up a steakhouse downtown, “I’ve always said there’s 5 million people in Houston. I just need 300 of them every night. There’s plenty to go around.”

–Look I’m not the one to say PCP is a performance enhancing drug for learning or it isn’t.  All I know is police and the courts frown upon it.  You might remember the 6-year-old Central Texas girl whose sandwich tasted “like fireworks” and the fireworks ended up being mommy’s PCP.  Yeah, mommy got two years for child endangerment.


Memorial Day Weekend Edition of Southbound Food

–Sorry for the late post, but 15 new episodes of Arrested Development weren’t going to watch themselves…

Opening segment we discuss New Orleans and Louisiana paying Top Chef to film its next season there.

After an excellent bumper music choice by Frank, Shawn Bermudez and chef Brandon Schillings talk all things Pistolero’s and “Brandon-Mex.”  They were cool enough to bring us a smorgasbord of tacos and despite contenders like lengua and barbacoa I’m thinking the portabello mushroom tacos were the studio favorites.  Damn good Lone Star queso as well.  Gotta get there soon and try some of that smoked ceviche as well.

Open segment, like wide open.

Antonio Gianola talks about his new role at Houston Wine Merchant and he and Frank communicate in a language I don’t understand.

Great idea from James Coney Island to serve a different chef’s custom-designed hot dog each of the next six months.  Restaurants ranging from Eatsie Boys to Kata to Hugo’s are among the participants.  Eating Our Words with the full list and description of the first dog up come June from Randy Evans.

–The other day we had a Somm trailer and now it’s bartenders’ turn.

–If Olive Garden was good enough for Macho Man and his family then it’s good enough for me.  The second anniversary of Randy Savage’s passing was this week and his family remembered him with a dinner at Olive Garden.  Loved Macho Man whether he was a babyface or heel.  Loved him so much I actually bought a Slim Jim.  I didn’t eat it or anything because I’m not crazy, but still I bought it because of him.

Katherine Shilcutt’s Top 10 Dishes of Houston. Love the snapper at Teotihucan.

–Of course a pork provider in Washington is feeding his pigs marijuana plant remnants.  Cue up the eating high off the hog lines.

–We may not ever have another Astroworld.  But a full-on replica of Springfield with everything from Moe’s Tavern to Lard Lad doughnuts to Krusty Burger ain’t too shabby.  Universal Studios is putting it all together.  Sweet, everything’s coming up Milhouse.

Southbound Food Fires Up at 5. Mortal Kombat Fries. ‘Nuff Said.

A segment on a rope belt wearing fella by the name of Seamus?  Well yeah, that and the people who put the nightmares in Kitchen Nightmares.

Ken Bridge from Pink’s Pizza, Lola, Shepherd Park Draught House, and Witchcraft Tavern talks about those places and the inspiration for the infamous speaker wall at Witchcraft.

Frank had a lot of fun piecing together this segment that rehashes yucca fries vs. regular fries.

Robb Walsh from Houstonia joins us and we discuss it and the book he wrote while recording this segment.

–I really liked Katherine Shilcutt’s “Happy Mother’s Day, From the Cheddar’s Family”. Houston Press is sure going to miss her. Her “They Don’t Have Tacos in the Suck” about a visit from a college friend who joined the Air Force was the best thing I read on Eating Our Words last year. I look forward to more of that for Houstonia.

–Lingers long on Love Street.  She has a house and garden.  I would like to see what happens…

WholeLottaLove from Karbach Brewing Co. on Vimeo.

–Personally I just don’t get the concept of paying a television show like Top Chef money to film in your city. I mean I understand the exposure and all is beneficial, but I would always find a million other things that money could be used for than hosting a reality cooking show. So New Orleans and Louisiana state and local tourism offices ponying up $375,000 for next season’s Top Chef to air there is ridiculous to me. Nevermind the fact that a big chunk of that money is coming from the recovery fund for the BP spill. Eater with a nice round-up of the fun little spat on Twitter between Team Top Chef and Team Treme regarding this.

– was kind enough to pull the top 20 most absurd quotes from Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives book.
“Shut the front door, son of Tatum O’Neal, that’s dynamite.”
“I don’t know if it’s fair to call their Russian dressing Russian dressing — it should be called something sexy, like liquid Moscow.”
“[On] the final leg of the Kid Rock culinary cruise, we…” Sorry, had to stop there. Kid Rock culinary cruise. Bawitdaba indeed.

–Really I’m surprised it took Oscar Meyer this long for Bacon Dogs.

Nice little list from Food & Wine on Houston’s Top 10 Dishes.

–Apparently a Taco Bell out in California is testing out waffle tacos as part of its breakfast menu. Pretty confident they’re already working on Doritos Waffles Locos.

–My middle name is Brennan so I feel I should stake my claim in this New Orleans Brennan’s lawsuit shenanigans.

–A restaurant in Vegas called Firefly had to close down, but it didn’t even have 300 reported cases of salmonella. I guess 200 is a lot too.

–Not that it will translate to wins for the Astros like it recently did for the Padres, but why not grow peppers in the bullpen dirt?

–Want to know more about Ina Garten than you probably should? By all means.

–Jon Favreau write, direct and star. Okay. Robert Downey Jr. Nice. Scarlett Johansson. Now you have my attention. Sofia Vergara. I said you have my attention. Story of chef who gets fired and opens a food truck. Zzzzzzzzz.

New Show for 5/11 that Should Have Aired 5/4 but Probably Won’t Air Until 5/18. Yay Radio!

–This week on the show Lance, Bryan and myself (Danny, Danny Vara, that one smartass, that one smartass whose voice isn’t Lance or Bryan’s, no that’s Frank, just forget it) talk television, airport goings on for Bryan, Hawthorn with Jason “Cass” Castle and Riccardo Palazzo-Giorgio and Eleven XI with Kevin Bryant. We also have a brief and timely discussion about Cinco de Mayo. Nevermind the fact that Cinco was last week. Obviously Southbound doesn’t bow to the parameters of time. That or the show meant for last week didn’t air because, well let’s just blame Comcast. See, isn’t that just easier? 

Next week Robb Walsh to talk all things Houstonia and Ken Bridge to talk about his newest addition Witchcraft Tavern to the Pink’s, Lola, Shepherd Park Draught House family.  Witchcraft has a great beer selection, solid food, but even if it didn’t it’s worth a visit just to see the wall of speakers.

–Cass from Hawthorn talks a little in this week’s show about his upcoming master sommelier exam. This trailer for the movie Somm looks promising…

–Ec-fn-static that El Gran Malo will be taking over the former Cabo/Pepper Jack’s space downtown. And open for lunch no less. Can’t wait to see what they do with the space.

Alison Cook on the two other bars that’ll be popping up on Main from Clumsy Butcher aka Anvil. Love the name The Pastry War. Wiki drops The Pastry War knowledge. Knowledge can still be “dropped” right or has that time passed?

–This still hasn’t gotten old..

—-I forget what the M in MTV stands for, but it’s entering the food show game.
@AndrewZimmern – “Will do for culinary arts what Teen Moms did for parenting.”

–Why wouldn’t you want to read an article on the history of baseball stadium nachos?

–I’ve gotten really good at fast-forwarding through Gwyneth Paltrow’s scenes in the Iron Man movies and look forward to seeing how much I can cut down when Iron Man 3 comes out on DVD. The latest Gwyneth being Gwyneth is a reasonably priced $950 shot glass she has for sale on her Goop website. Then there’s this story from of Rebecca Harrington who followed Gwyneth’s diet and advice in her latest book and yeah, face rash ensued.

–Thanks to anyone who follows me on Twitter or listens to the show and casted a vote for A Simple Thread at OKRA last month. A Simple Thread was April’s winner and will get May’s proceeds. You don’t know how much this means to this little organization that is trying to make a difference for the homeless in Houston. Thank you.